How to convert  a video DVD file to an iPod using 99bytes DVD to iPod / PSP Converter

There are a lot of software converters for the iPod models that claim the ability to convert in no time any DVD movie, but often it appears that fast free results are not as good as expected. Moreover, if  the  iPod owner is not that much into technical issues, the process of converting a DVD, by any kind of file extension, can become tricky when confrunted with a multitude of effects choices, settings and the like.

Although not a landmark in its domain, the 99bytes DVD to iPod / PSP Converter has the all important (and true) feature of easy to use interface, coupled by the Instant help feature that guides the user along the way. With few, but sufficient video effects settings, this converter is the "everything you need" kit for a simple and efficient DVD conversion for an iPod.


1. Download the Converter installer kitt, and run the installer. You will get five free trial conversions at start, to see what the software it's like before actually buying it. In the main window just click "Continue evaluation".
Screenshot 1
2. You will now be in the main window. From here, you can either select "File", from the top menu bar, or "Browse" in the "Source Setup" menu, to open the file you want to convert.
Screesnhot 2
3. After you have opened the file, the Converter will automatically scan the DVD for titles, chapters and other media details. If you click on a chapter, an then on the "Play" button beneath the small screen, the respective chapter will start playing. Remember: You can choose which chapters to convert, so you get on your iPod only those parts of the movie you like, by pressing down the "Ctrl" tab while clicking the chapters. With "Ctrl + A" you can select all the chapters.
Screenshot 3
4. Moving to the "Destination Setup" menu, you will see the Estimated size that the converted DVD will take on your iPod. You will also see that you have a double compatibility feature, namely, you can convert the same movie both for iPod and for a PSP (if you have one). So choose your compatibility device, the iPod or a PSP, and then the destination file, which is a file on your computer. The software will automatically transform the DVD into a mp4 file, which is suitable for any iPod.
Screenshot 4
5. If you click the "Advanced Settings" tab, you will get to set some simple, but important features, like the quality of the video display (the higher it is, the better it will show on the iPod screen but it will take more storage space),  the resolution (for example, an iPod Classic has a wide-screen display), the audio samplerate (just leave it at the highest, which is the best one), and the cropping mode (Stretch, Letter Box or Pan Scan – Letter box is the most used one, but if you want to find out more about each one, see this article). Remember: You can tick the "De-interlacing" box, only if the movie you are converting was originaly designed for TV viewing. TV movies are interlaced, which makes them look flashy on other screens. De-interlacing solves this problem.
Screesnhot 5
6. After you're done, click "OK" to return to the main window, then "Start" to start the conversion.
Screenshot 6

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To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
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