How To Restore Your iPod To Factory Settings

This article is about how to restore to factory settings iPods like classic, mini and nano.
The distinction between what "update" and "restore" imply must be made clear before any course of action is taken. An update implies the installation of a software that controls the iPod without affecting the songs and other files stored on the iPod's drive. A restoration, on the other hand, erases the iPod's drive and restores it to it's original factory condition.
You should be aware of the fact that the Restore function will erase all the songs and files on the iPod. This is why you need to back up all the files you are currently saving on the iPod drive. If you just stored them in the iTunes Library, all the songs, videos, podcasts, audiobooks and the like can be loaded once more to the iPod.
  1. Download and install the latest version of the iTunes software, if you don't have it previously installed. For this you need to make sure that you have an active working Internet connection.
  2. Connect the iPod to the computer, using the USB or FireWire cable that originally came with the iPod, then open the iTunes program.
  3. In just a few moments, the iPod will appear in the Source panel on the left in iTunes.
  4. If you select the iPod from the Source panel, information about it will be provided in the Summary tab of the main iTunes window.
  5. There you can click the Restore button and you will be prompted with possibly one or more restore options that may ask for iTunes to automatically download the latest iPod software. Here are the 4 possible restore options:
    • Restore option 1: Restore – Restores with the same iPod software version that is already installed on iPod.
    • Restore option 2: Use same version – Restores using the same iPod software version that is already on the iPod even if there is a newer one available.
    • Restore option 3: Use newest version – Restores using the latest iPod software version available.
    • Restore option 4: Restore and Update - Restores using the latest iPod software version available.
  6. On Mac platforms, a message will be displayed asking you to provide an administrator’s name and a password.
  7. Soon, a progress bar will be displayed on the screen showing that a first stage of the restore process has begun. After this stage is finished, the iTunes program will show on of two possible messages that will include a set of instructions specific to the iPod model you are currently restoring.
    • Restore instruction 1: For old iPod models - Disconnect iPod and connect it to iPod Power Adapter
    • Restore instruction 2: For new iPod models - Leave iPod connected to computer to complete restore
  8. In the second stage of the restore process, the iPod screen will display a progress bar underneath an Apple logo. It is highly important that the iPod is constantly connected to the computer or iPod power adapter during this stage. As an observation, the progress bar on the iPod may be difficult to see because the backlight may be turn off.
  9. After this stage is completed and the iPod is connected to the computer, a window from the iTunes Setup Assistant that ill ask for a new name for the iPod and new syncing preferences like when the iPod was connected for the first time.

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