The iPod Nano Chromatic can be set to lock its screen in order to prevent unwanted access to the database of music, pictures and other files. While the iPod Nano is not connected to a computer it can be locked by entering a combination of numbers, and then unlocked to use it.

While the Home button does the same thing like the Screen Lock, meaning it locks the screen from accidental pressings of the Ipod Nano Menu buttons, the Screen Lock prevents other persons who don't know the password, from getting into your iPod Nano.

For setting an iPod Nano password combination:

1. Select extras > Screen Lock.
2. In the New Combination screen, enter a combination by:
- using the Click Wheel to select the first digit. Press the Center button to select the digit, then scroll the Click Wheel to get to next digit.
- to the same thing, until you get the desired combination. You can use the Next / Fast Forward button or the Previous / Rewind button to move back and forth through the numbers. Press the Center button in the final position.
3. On the Confirm Combination screen, enter the combination to confirm it, or press Menu to exit the screen without locking the iPod. After you're done, you can return to the Screen Lock menu, where you can enter the combination to lock the iPod, or set a new combination.

For locking the iPod Nano Chromatic screen:

1. Select Extras > Screen Lock > Lock. If you finished setting your combination, Lock will already be selected on the screen. Press the Center button to lock the iPod. When the iPod is locked, the screen will display a lock.
2. If you want to add the Screen Lock function to the main menu so you can lock the iPod Nano immediately, from Settings > General > Main Menu, checkmark the Screen Lock menu item, and it will appear in your Main Menu.

For unlocking the iPod Nano Chromatic, when it's locked:

1. Press the Center button, and then enter the combination. Use the Click Wheel for selecting the right numbers and then pres again the Center button to confirm them. If the wrong combination is entered, the iPod will not unlock.
2. If the iPod Nano Chromatic is connected to its primary computer, the Screen will automatically unlock.

For changing an already existing combination:

1. Select Extras > Screen Lock > Reset.
2. In the Enter Combination screen, enter the current combination.
3. In the New Combination screen, enter the new combination you want and confirm it.
4. If you forgot the combination, the only way to unlock the iPod Nano Chromatic and enter a new one is to reset it to factory settings. This means deleting all the data on the iPod, so be sure to remember well your combination, maybe write it down somewhere only you will know it is. In any case, to restore the iPod Nano to factory settings you have to connect the iPod to its primary computer and select “Restore” from iTunes > Summary tab. This will delete all the data from the iPod. Follow the onscreen instructions from there to complete the restore process.

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