Westchester, CA, United States, 04/28/2009

The 99bytes DVD to Zune / PSP Converter receives NFD awards

With a long successful tradition in creating top quality multimedia converters for gadgets like the Apple iPod, Sony PSP or Microsoft Zune, the 99bytes team introduces the program designed especially for the Zune and PSP, the 99bytes DVD to Zune / PSP Converter that can convert any DVD movie format into a compatible one with both Zune and PSP technology. The DVD converter, which can be tested for free at http://www.99bytes.com , has recently received two special awards from the renamed professional software website New Free Downloads that acknowledge the converter's quality and safe user installation.

The first prize was offered for the quality of the software converter, with a rating of five out of five stars. According to the website's New Free Downloads ratings the software from 99bytes is among the best that there are in it's specific area of DVD converters for PSP and Zune. The DVD converter is able to convert any type of video DVD, be it commercial or not, original or copy, ISO files, VIDEO_TS folders- which are DVDs copied onto a hard-disk. The PSP and Zune converter supports all major formats, like NTSC and PAL, and can convert a video DVD regardless of its origin or country of production. Among the features of the software the user can benefit from an easy to use interface, which allows the user to select the soundtrack language, the specific titles or chapters to convert, in order to save storage space on the PSP or Zune.

The 99bytes DVD to Zune / PSP Converter also enables an user to adjust the resolution, the quality and size of the resulting converted movie, features that provide the best viewing experience on the display of the PSP or Zune. The software converts any DVD movie into a compatible PSP format, MP4, or the Zune compatible format, WMV. With the double compatibility feature, the software is also versatile in providing users with the possibility of converting the same movie for both devices just one time. The New Free Downloads website is a company focused on software reviews that provides to hundreds of users monthly the most adequate software tools for their needs, which only points out that among those tools, the one from 99bytes is considered top quality.

The second award from NFD.com has brought the software the recognition for being safe for users to install, meaning that it is free of any type of viruses, spyware or adware, the 99bytes team having a long experience in providing users with clean, safe and powerful tools that enhance their iPod, PSP or Zune experience. The Microsoft Zune software, and many other conversion tools, require several conversions steps to be made by the user, and do not provide a direct DVD movie to Zune conversion. The 99bytes DVD to Zune / PSP Converter offers a direct video DVD to Zune and PSP format conversion and, at the same time, double compatibility.

The 99bytes team is a specialized software company that provides multimedia tools like video and movie DVD converters for gadgets like the iPod, PSP and Zune. Their software called DVD to Zune / PSP Converter has just received two special awards from New Free Downloads, in respect to the quality of the software provided and the safeness of installation for users, which can be verified at http://www.99bytes.com/Pages/Press/2009-04-28-99bytes
. As such, users can now benefit from an officially recognized software converter for their Zune or PSP that gives their owners one of the best movie and video experience.

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