Westchester, CA, United States, 04/14/2007

99bytes released version 1.5 of DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter

99bytes, a rapidly growing software brand, released version 1.5 of DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter. The software transfers any DVD movie to your iPod or PSP, and does it in a fast and reliable manner. The new version has a better user interface and improved conversion speed.
The idea behind converter is to cover a gap in the large market that Apple opened when releasing their portable device, soon to gain a huge popularity: the iPod. The gap is all about media content: every person that owns an iPod will probably want to transfer onto it more than just the commercial movies that are available in the iTunes online store.
So why not transfer on your iPod all those nice DVD movies that you already bought? This would definitely save you some bucks. The software released by 99bytes does just that: in a few clicks, you can convert ANY video DVD to iPod, at a good speed and with great conversion quality. Then, you just need to upload the movie on iTunes (ready to transfer to your iPod), or simply copy on the PSP, and enjoy it wherever you go!
You probably noticed that I mentioned PSP: that's right, apart from Apple iPod, the software also converts for Sony PSP. This extended compatibility was added to the iPod converter due to a large volume of requests from customers that wanted to make the most of the money that they already invested in buying DVD movies.
One will soon notice that you can create movies that work both on iPod and PSP – so this is double compatibility, a feature that you'll rarely see in other products, and which saves you half of the time, since you just need to convert once instead of twice.
Some iPod converters on the market ask you to convert the DVD file to AVI format first, and then convert the AVI file to iPod or PSP format. With 99bytes DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter, there's just one step. You directly convert your DVD file to iPod or PSP format, and this saves you a lot of time.
So you can take any video DVD, commercial or not, original or copy, and convert it to iPod or PSP format. You can also convert ISO files or DVDs copied on your hard-disk (VIDEO_TS folders). The converter supports all major formats (NTSC, PAL). No matter where the DVDs are published (US, Europe or Asia) – the 99bytes gets them all to your iPod!
A few nice additions: you can choose which titles/chapters you want to convert and transfer to your iPod or PSP, and easily decide by previewing in the integrated player. You can choose the soundtrack language, the resolution, the audio samplerate, the quality vs. size, the video bitrate, then just hit Start and wait for the software to convert your movie, ready for iPod.
The best part of it is that you can convert 5 DVDs for free! If you like this iPod converter and choose to buy the software, you'll get free updates, with more features and skins. So if you're interested in such a converter, just give it a try, and see for yourself.
Agency / Source: Originally published at www.99bytes.com in April 14, 2007
Author: Robert Dane

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To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
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