Westchester, CA, United States, 01/12/2008

99bytes released version 1.6 of DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter

99bytes recently released version 1.6 of DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter. This release, featuring better support for Windows Vista and improved compatibility with various DVD formats, can be downloaded as a trial version from http://www.99bytes.com/
The idea behind this product is simple: anyone that owns and iPod or PSP would probably like to watch their favorite movies on the road, but not anyone is willing to spend a lot of money on purchasing iPod / PSP compatible video tracks from online shops. Furthermore, if an iPod or PSP owner also has a stack of video DVD's, he would probably be glad to find a way to transfer all those movies on the iPod / PSP – this would save a lot of money, and also would save the effort of finding, purchasing and downloading various iPod / PSP compatible movies from online or offline sources. This is where 99bytes DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter comes in action: the software allows users to convert any video DVD, from any format, to MP4 format, ready to transfer on iPod or PSP.
99bytes does a pretty good job at designing easy to use screens, and this iPod / PSP converter is no exception: one of the things that users definitely appreciate about this product is that any DVD to iPod / PSP conversion takes just a few clicks, and the flow is easy to understand and remember. The user inputs the DVD, then selects the title and chapters that should be converted to iPod / PSP, indicates the location for saving the movie, hits the Start Conversion button and that's about it! After an amount of time that depends on the size of the source DVD, the movie will be converted and ready to play on iPod on PSP. The converted video can be previewed in an external player (iTunes for example), then copied on the iPod (using the library import feature from iTunes) or PSP (by doing just a manual copy from the hard-disk to the PSP flash memory).
The first versions of this iPod / PSP converter were designed mainly for Windows XP, but subsequent versions also added limited Vista compatibility, and version 1.6 is now fully compatible with Vista, so that users that are oriented towards the new Microsoft operating system will be able to use the 99bytes DVD to iPod / PSP Converter with full features.
This new version takes one more step in simplifying the user interface: all of the sophisticated configuration options were relocated in the Advanced Settings dialog, and the main screen just keeps the basic options, including the possibility of choosing between iPod and PSP destination compatibility. Also, to help users throughout the full process, this version features a “how to” article that helps users to copy their converted video files to PSP.
Anyone who wants to benefit the most from their favorite DVD movie collection should try out this converter, especially since the trial version (available for download at http://www.99bytes.com/DVD-to-PSP-iPod-Video-Converter/ ) provides 5 free conversions for iPod / PSP. After testing the software using the free conversions, those who are interested can go and buy the software, to receive unlimited iPod / PSP conversions and free updates for future versions of this converter.
Agency/Source: Originally published at www.99bytes.com in January 12, 2008 
Author: Robert Dane

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To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
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