Westchester, CA, United States, 01/25/2008

99bytes DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter received a 5 Stars Gold Award from SoftLandMark

99bytes.com is announcing the 5 Stars Gold Award received by DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter from SoftLandMark, an authoritative voice in the software distribution industry. The DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter (available as a free trial at  http://www.99bytes.com/ ) can convert any movie from Video DVD format to PSP or iPod.
Both the iPod and the PSP are highly popular among gadget fans throughout the world, so the 99bytes converter reaches a lot of users that need to watch video files on their mobile devices. This software can convert DVD movies to the MP4 video format, which is compatible with both PSP and iPod. The easy to use interface, as well as the reliability of the software, earned it the 5 Stars Gold Award from the SoftLandMark editors.
During the past years, the innovations in the technology field have enhanced the sound and picture quality available to home users, and offered a wide variety of video and audio to choose from. However, the wide range of formats has also lead to compatibility issues when running such files on various devices. Very often, users face difficulties in playing files, because of significant differences among file formats. 99bytes has been regularly providing solutions for such issues, and one of he results is the DVD to PSP / iPod Video Converter. Whenever a user needs to transfer a DVD or an ISO file to either iPod or PSP, the possible compatibility issues are solved by the 99bytes converter, which ensures proper and quick conversion of such files.
Generally, the Video DVD files can be converted to the base MP4 video format, but the file format may still have variations, therefore the file may not run properly on both iPod and PSP. To answer to this problem, the DVD to iPod / PSP Converter allows a precise format targeting, along with a simple one step conversion of Video DVD's to the Sony PSP and Apple iPod. The process proves to be significantly easier to perform than the conventional method of using an intermediary format (AVI for example), to convert the files in two steps. In the end, the DVD to PSP / iPod Converter generates a video file that can be simply uploaded to the iPod (using iTunes) or copied to the PSP.
99bytes also offers a free evaluation version of the software, which lets the users transfer and convert up to 5 DVD movies for free, so that users can experience the product before purchasing it. Future versions of this product will be provided for free to all buyers of this product. As far as operating system compatibility is concerned, the DVD to PSP / iPod Converter is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2000.
The latest version of DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter (version 1.6) improved Vista compatibility and refined the PSP format targeting, depending on the firmware version. Other recognizable features of this product include user friendly options such as choosing the titles and chapters of the files to be converted, customizable sound and video resolutions, etc.
To summarize, the DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter provides a convenient and reliable platform, to help home users convert their DVD video files to PSP and iPod format, with an easy, single-click process - therefore ensuring a consistent set of features, at an affordable cost. The home page of this product: http://www.99bytes.com/DVD-to-PSP-iPod-Video-Converter/ displays the SoftLandMark award and provides more detailed information, as well as a trial version that allows to convert 5 DVD movies for free.
Agency/Source: Originally published at www.99bytes.com in January 25, 2008 
Author: Robert Dane

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To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
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