Westchester, CA, United States, 12/15/2007

99bytes announces the 5 Star Gold Award received by Video to iPod / PSP Converter from SoftForAll.com

99bytes is proud to announce that their product Video to iPod / PSP Converter received a 5 Star Gold Award from the editors of SoftForAll.com, an established software community. The award is displayed on the homepage of this product, at http://www.99bytes.com/Video-to-PSP-iPod-Converter/
The easiness in using the Video to iPod / PSP Converter was one of the main factors contributing to the decision of awarding the product with the maximum editors' rating. The devoted users of this iPod / PSP converter know what this is all about: once opening the software, there's an easy flow that gets the user through a few simple steps for converting the movie files to iPod or PSP compatible format.
If one needs to transfer a movie to an Apple iPod or Sony PSP, but the file is not compatible, there are not too many routes to follow, apart from converting the movie to MP4 video format, which has variations that are compatible with iPod and PSP. The iPod is a somewhat restrictive device, and the palette of supported video formats is not too large – and the same goes for PSP. So for getting the movie on the portable device, either iPod or PSP, a 3rd party video conversion software is the only solution – since Sony (the manufacturer of PSP) and Apple (the well known producer of the iPod series devices) do not provide such software themselves.
There are a some tutorials on the internet, trying to help the user convert movie files to iPod or PSP, but the sad thing is that not many of them are actually helpful. They recommend one iPod / PSP tool or another, but once tested, most of those tools fail to do the job. It's hard to blame them, since the technology behind the scenes of the recent iPod / PSP video revolution is not trivial, so it proved to be quite difficult to design and produce a movie converter that really does the job.
With the 99bytes iPod / PSP converter, things are looking better. A lot of designing and testing cycles went into this product, so by now it's reached a pretty good shape. The user does not need to bother too much: he just needs to locate the movie, and then convert to iPod / PSP video format by using either of the 3 options - "Just iPod", "iPod and Older PSP” or “iPod and Newer PSP". Those last 2 options actually provide double compatibility, with both PSP and iPod – and this is something rarely seen in other products.
After converting one's favorite videos to iPod or PSP format, all that's left to do is copy the resulting movies to PSP, or load them in iTunes (for transferring on iPod), and then watch them anywhere.
One nice touch, recently added to this product, is the batch conversion. Many users prefers to load more than just one movie, and then convert them all, with one click. This is exactly what the 99bytes Video to iPod / PSP Converter does: allows to add a series of movies to the conversion list, then the user can choose the conversion parameters (most importantly, the preferred destination, iPod, PSP or both) and then just hit the Start Conversion button, which converts all the movies in a single batch, and then stores them in the destination folder. This feature is only available in the full version, as the trial is limited to individual conversions – but guess what, the trial has 5 free conversions, so anyone can easily test and see if they like the software or not.
To sum it up, with just a few clicks the users can convert any video files to iPod and PSP compatible format (or even with double compatibility, both iPod and PSP). The easiness of using this software, and the reliability in doing its job earned it a series of awards, among which there's the award from SoftForAll.com. Those who would like to try the software themselves can go to http://www.99bytes.com/Video-to-PSP-iPod-Converter/ to view the award or to download a trial version that provides 5 free conversions.
Agency/Source: Originally published at www.99bytes.com in December 15, 2007
Author: Robert Dane

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To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
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