Westchester, CA, United States, 02/11/2009

The 100% Clean award from Softpedia goes to 99bytes DVD Converter for iPod and PSP

In the land of software converters for gadgets like the iPod or PSP, the DVD converter from 99bytes is set apart by the recognition it has received as a result of thoroughly testing. The Softpedia labs have demonstrated that the 99bytes software is clean of any malware forms and can be downloaded without worry. The 99bytes team is experienced in a number of customized software for the iPod and PSP that can be verified in depth at http://www.99bytes.com

With the 100% clean designation from Softpedia, the 99bytes DVD to iPod / PSP Converter is guaranteed not to contain any form of malware, including but not limited to spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. Moreover, Softpedia's awarding policy relies on a recurrent principle, meaning that the DVD to iPod / PSP Converter from 99bytes, has been tested several times since the awarding, and will furthermore be tested, to see if the video DVD converter maintains its clean status, in which case the award still remains active. So any users's iPod or PSP remains safe from harm, a guarantee which evades most video DVD converters available on the web, that are not certified or claim to jailbreak or hack any DVD encryption.

While the 99bytes DVD to iPod / PSP Converter performs conversions from a wide array of video formats, including un-original DVDs, ISO files, video DVD copies or major formats like NTSC or PAL, it does so in a secure manner, preserving the iPod or PSP device integrity, meaning it will not alter the iPod or PSP software system. In this way, users can enjoy to the fullest any movie DVD on their iPod or PSP, without fearing that the next day their device will break down, or function in a faulty manner.

Since the DVD to iPod  / PSP Converter from 99bytes appeared, there have been several versions of it, now reaching version 1.6.1. The number of different versions that have appeared over time on the 99bytes website represents the fact that the team has constantly been upgrading and improving their converter, taking into account all the experiences that customers have reported. In this way, flaws have been reduced to a minimum and the conversion process runs at optimum parameters, providing an appropriate movie display on the iPod or PSP screen. The DVD to iPod / PSP Converter takes into account the aspect ratio of the video DVD, transferring it in the most adequate way to suit the screen resolution of an iPod Classic or the wide screen of a PSP.

The DVD converter from 99bytes for iPod and PSP is helpful. It provides a clean, easy to use interface while maintaining usage security. As the results from Softpedia testing have showed, the 99bytes team has delivered a clean piece of software, safe for downloading, a suitable tool for video DVD conversions for both the iPod and PSP. Users can benefit from the 5 free trial conversions which are available from the 99bytes original website or by checking further details on this release at http://www.99bytes.com/Pages/Press/softpedia-award-for-dvd-converter-for-ipod-psp-from-99bytes.aspx . Upgrades are also expected in the future for this iPod software so users who have purchased the DVD converter for iPod and PSP can benefit from free upgrades in order to maintain optimal security with any Windows version.

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To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
To receive an announcement when this product is ready, just leave your email:
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